Familiar faces at
the Pit Stop

Arizona RV Park

Experience a family-owned RV park that gives guests access to a town rich in history with all the amenities and personal service that you could ask for.

Even our service is historic

Local lore says that back when refueling your mode of transportation meant getting some water and feed, Quartzsite was a harsh environment for weary travelers. On the way to California for the gold rush, these travelers would often find themselves needing a pit stop to relax and fix their stagecoaches just shy of the California border.

That’s when an entrepreneur saw an opportunity to service these travelers, and with his life savings established an inn. This inn provided guests with personal service, local knowledge and everything they needed to be comfortable and ensure their stagecoaches could be maintained.

Today’s entrepreneurs

And even though that inn is gone, in its place you’ll find similar service and values at the RV Pit Stop. Owner Cathy Daniels has utilized this concept of personal service and great amenities to comfort over 60,000 guests per year and support the modern era’s version of the stagecoach.

Originally from Henderson, Nevada, Cathy and her husband Jim owned a landscape construction business before retiring to Williams in 2008. After their first winter of snow, they knew that they wanted a warmer climate so they headed to Quartzsite. After falling in love with the site, the traveler-based community and the easy getaway from the snow, they bought the RV Pit Stop in November of 2009.

The couple now splits their retirement between Quartzsite and Williams. This gives them the opportunity to get out of the snow, meet some fellow travelers and provide the same friendly service to locals, those escaping the snow and travelers just passing through.